APR5501   ALEXANDER BRAILOWSKY The 1938 London recordings
APR5502   EDWIN FISCHER The first Beethoven Sonata recordings
APR5503   SOLOMON The first HMV recordings 1942-43 (Brahms & Beethoven)
APR5505   BENNO MOISEIWITSCH The Complete Rachmaninov Recordings 1937-43
APR5506   BRONISLAW HUBERMANN Beethoven Violin Concerto & Lalo Symphonie espagnole
APR5514   LOUIS KENTNER The pioneering Liszt recordings (1937-41)
APR5519   HOROWITZ/BARBIROLLI Tchaikovsky 1 & Rachmaninov 3 Concertos
APR5531   THE PIANO G&Ts Vol.1: Pachmann, Michalowski & Ronald
APR5532   THE PIANO G&Ts Vol.2: Grünfeld, Pugno & Janotha
APR5533   THE PIANO G&Ts Vol.3: Chaminade & Saint-Saëns
APR5534   THE PIANO G&Ts Vol.4: Diemer, Eibenschutz, Hofmann, Backhaus
APR5540   JOHANN STRAUSS Transcriptions & Paraphrases for solo piano
APR5542   BUSCH-SERKIN DUO Vol.2: Schumann, Brahms & Reger
APR5543   BUSCH-SERKIN DUO Vol.3: Vivaldi, J.S. Bach, Mozart & Schubert
APR5544   TO MUSIC Isobel Baillie & Kathleen Ferrier
APR5548   NICOLAS MEDTNER The complete solo recordings Vol.3
APR5565   RONALD SMITH plays Chopin Vol.1: Fantaisie, Scherzi 3 & 4 etc.
APR5566   RONALD SMITH plays Beethoven (Waldstein, Appassionata & Op.111
APR5567   RONALD SMITH plays Chopin Vol.2: The complete Etudes
APR5568   RONALD SMITH plays Schubert (Wanderer Fantasy & Sonatas)
APR5571   ALFRED CORTOT The Late Recordings Vol.1: 1947
APR5572   ALFRED CORTOT The Late Recordings Vol.2: 1948 & 1949
APR5573   ALFRED CORTOT The Late Recordings Vol.3: 1949-1951
APR5574   ALFRED CORTOT The Late Recordings Vol.4: 1951, 1953-54
APR5579   KATHLEEN FERRIER Brahms Alto Rhapsody & Mahler Das Lied von der Erde
APR5580   ANDOR FOLDES The Tono recordings (1950-51)
APR5593   VALERIE TRYON Ravel Volume 1
APR5594   VALERIE TRYON Ravel Volume 2
APR5595   VALERIE TRYON Mendelssohn
APR5599   VALERIE TRYON plays Mozart, Schubert & Schumann
APR5601   BARBIROLLI & CASADESUS Mozart, Weber & Franck
APR5614   LOUIS KENTNER - The Pioneering Liszt Recordings 2
APR5621   SIMON BARERE at Carnegie Hall Vol.1: 1946
APR5622   SIMON BARERE at Carnegie Hall Vol.2: 9th March 1947
APR5623   SIMON BARERE at Carnegie Hall Vol.3: 11th November 1947
APR5624   SIMON BARERE at Carnegie Hall Vol.4: 1949
APR5625   SIMON BARERE at Carnegie Hall Vol.5
APR5627   BLISS PREMIERES Volume 1: Piano Concerto (Solomon) & Adam Zero (Lambert)
APR5630   RONALD STEVENSON The Transcendental Tradition
APR5637   WILHELM BACKHAUS The complete 1940s studio recordings
APR5638   WILHELM KEMPFF Bach, Mozart, Schubert & Schumann - the complete Polydor recordings 1927-1936
APR5640   VALERIE TRYON - Mozart Concertos
APR5643   GINA BACHAUER The First HMV Recordings
APR5646   MYRA HESS Historic Broadcast Recordings
APR5650   RONALD STEVENSON Passacaglia on DSCH
APR5651   SOLOMON Live 1 Beethoven 3 & Tchaikovsky 1 Piano Concertos
APR5660   The Russian Piano Tradition - HEINRICH NEUHAUS
APR5661   The Russian Piano Tradition - ALEXANDER GOLDENWEISER
APR5662   The Russian Piano Tradition - KONSTANTIN IGUMNOV
APR5663   The Russian Piano Tradition - EMIL GILELS
APR5664   The Russian Piano Tradition - EMIL GILELS & YAKOV ZAK
APR5665   The Russian Piano Tradition - YAKOV FLIER
APR5666   The Russian Piano Tradition - TATIANA NIKOLAYEVA
APR5667   The Russian Piano Tradition - GRIGORY GINZBURG
APR5668   The Russian Piano Tradition - LEV OBORIN
APR5669   The Russian Piano Tradition - SVIATOSLAV RICHTER
APR5670   The Russian Piano Tradition - MARIA YUDINA
APR5671   The Russian Piano Tradition - VICTOR MERZHANOV
APR5672   The Russian Piano Tradition - GRIGORY GINZBURG II

Double CD albums (6000 series - 2 CDs for the price of 1)

APR6002   SIMON BARERE The complete HMV recordings (1934-36)
APR6003   JACQUES THIBAUD The complete solo recordings 1929-36
APR6004   VLADIMIR HOROWITZ - The Complete European Solo Recordings 1930-36
APR6006   IGNACY JAN PADEREWSKI His Earliest Recordings
APR6007   YORK BOWEN The complete 78rpm solo recordings
APR6008   MICHAEL ZADORA The Complete Recordings
APR6009   JORGE BOLET His Earliest Recordings
APR6010   IRENE SCHARRER The complete electric and selected acoustic recordings
APR6011   MOURA LYMPANY The complete HMV recordings 1947-1952
APR6012   BARTLETT & ROBERTSON Selected recordings 1927-1947
APR6013   WALTER GIESEKING The Complete Homocord Recordings and other Rarities
APR6014   A MATTHAY MISCELLANY Rare and unpublished recordings by Matthay and his pupils
APR6015   GUIOMAR NOVAES The complete published 78rpm recordings
APR6017   ANATOLE KITAIN The Complete Columbia Recordings 1936-1939
APR6018   WILHELM KEMPFF Late Beethoven Sonatas - Polydor recordings 1925-36
APR6019   WILHELM KEMPFF Beethoven Piano Concertos - the 78rpm recordings
APR6020   LOUIS KENTNER plays Balakirev, Lyapunov and the Liszt sonata
APR6021   ERIK THEN-BERGH The complete Electrola and DG recordings
APR6022   LEFF POUISHNOFF The complete 78rpm and selected Saga LP recordings
APR6023   MARK HAMBOURG Encores & Rarities
APR6024   CARLO ZECCHI The complete Cetra solo recordings
APR6025   MARIUS-FRANÇOIS GAILLARD The complete Debussy recordings
APR6026   WILHELM BACKHAUS Chopin, Liszt, Schumann & encore pieces
APR6027   WILHELM BACKHAUS The complete pre-War Beethoven recordings
APR6028   LAZARE-LÉVY & VICTOR STAUB The complete studio recordings
APR6029   WILLIAM MURDOCH The complete Columbia solo electrical recordings
APR6030   JEAN DOYEN plays Chopin, Liszt and music from France
APR6031   ALINE VAN BARENTZEN Her earliest recordings and Chopin, Liszt & Villa-Lobos
APR6032   DINU LIPATTI The complete Columbia recordings 1947-1948
APR6033   EMMA BOYNET Complete solo 78-rpm recordings & Fauré LPs
APR6034   SERGIO FIORENTINO Live in Germany 1993
APR6035   EVLYN HOWARD-JONES & EDWARD ISAACS Complete solo recordings
APR6036   HAROLD SAMUEL The complete solo recordings

Multi CD albums (7000 series)

APR7032   RONALD SMITH PLAYS ALKAN chamber works
APR7037   EDWARD KILENYI The Pathé recordings 1937-39: Chopin & Liszt
APR7039   VALERIE TRYON A Liszt Odyssey
APR7040   MARK HAMBOURG The Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody Recordings
APR7301   VALERIE TRYON Chopin: A Chronological Journey
APR7302   HAROLD BAUER The Complete Recordings
APR7303   EDWIN FISCHER - MOZART CONCERTOS: The Complete 78rpm Studio Recordings
APR7304   HARRIET COHEN The Complete Solo Studio Recordings
APR7305   WANDA LANDOWSKA The complete piano recordings
APR7306   MYRA HESS Live at the University of Illinois 1949
APR7307   JOSE ITURBI The Victor & HMV solo recordings
APR7308   WALTER GIESEKING His first concerto recordings
APR7309   WALTER REHBERG Polydor recordings 1925 - 1937
APR7310   FREDERIC LAMOND The Liszt recordings & HMV & Electrola electrical recordings
APR7311   ELLY NEY The complete Brunswick & Electrola solo 78rpm recordings
APR7312   MAGDA TAGLIAFERRO The complete 78rpm solo and concerto recordings
APR7313   CYRIL SMITH The complete solo recordings
APR7401   ARTHUR DE GREEF Solo & Concerto recordings
APR7402   WALTER GIESEKING Brahms, Schubert and Schumann
APR7403   WILHELM KEMPFF Beethoven - The complete wartime sonata recordings
APR7404   ROBERT CASADESUS The complete French Columbia recordings 1928-1939
APR7501   PERCY GRAINGER The complete 78rpm solo recordings
APR7502   EILEEN JOYCE The complete Parlophone & Columbia solo recordings
APR7503   MORIZ ROSENTHAL The Complete Recordings
APR7504   MYRA HESS The Complete Solo & Concerto Studio Recordings
APR7505   IGNACY JAN PADEREWSKI The complete US Victor recordings
APR7701   EGON PETRI The Complete Columbia & Electrola Solo and Concerto Recordings


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